When purchasing a home, safety is high on the list of criteria. With the great schools,  a great neighborhood, and an overall great price on the home you’re purchasing, safety is something you’re thinking about. Once you get the “Does my neighborhood have a Neighborhood Watch plan in place?” and “Which smart home doorbell should I purchase?” questions answered, check out these tips that go the extra mile to ensure your home meets the highest level of safety. 

1. Lay Household expectations. Gather all family members and go over the expectations when it comes to the security of the household. Get into the habit of closing the garage door, locking the doors (even when in the home), and making sure gates and windows remain locked. In addition to getting into the habit of locking doors, ensure that everyone agrees on when to and when not to open the front door when someone is knocking. 

2. Store an extra key at your neighbor’s house. Burglars look for hidden keys hoping to gain access. Ditch the classic extra key under the mat option and ask a responsible neighbor if you can keep an extra key in their home. 

3. Install timers in your home. One of the easiest ways to eliminate a possible burglary is to simply make it seem that you’re home. Most people assume that when a home is lit it means people are there. While no one want’s to keep their home lit all the time, this is where timers come into play. Choose to set your tv and lights on timers so at certain times of the day it looks like you’re home. This will especially come in handy when on vacation. 

4. Remove any and all hiding spots. Tall shrubbery in your yard? Any ditches that haven’t been filled? These make great hiding spots for burglars. Make a habit to tend to your yard by trimming and pruning your yard as well as filling any holes/ditches. Whether done by you or a lawn service, this simple task will add protection to your home. 

5. Light up the yard. As well as eliminating various hiding spots, simply adding lights outside can make a huge difference. Go one step further than the classic porch lights and corner spotlight by adding spotlights in the yard. By illuminating parts of the yard such as trees and plant beds, as well as the facade of the home, the chances of catching someone sneaking around are greater.

Utilize these tips and know that you have gone that extra mile to provide security for your home.

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