When it comes to furnishing a space, don’t let the size of the space determine how much thought and effort goes into maximizing the space’s potential. Though it may be a small space, the functionality of the space isn’t necessarily less than that of a bigger one.

Here are some tips to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of any room you furnish: 

1. Choose Visually Lightweight Furniture

Think along the lines of slender furniture. When furnishing your room, choose pieces that have slender legs as they take up less visual space. Allowing for visual space will make a small space appear larger. 

2. Keep larger items on the perimeter of the room

Place items such as couches and hutches against the wall to maintain the feeling of depth in the space. 

3. Utilize Mirrors 

Mirrors offer a lot, especially in smaller rooms. While they’re a great decorative piece within themselves, they do so much more. If the room doesn’t get much natural light, mirrors can reflect what amount of natural light you do have around the room. Mirrors also help make spaces feel bigger by giving the illusion of more square feet. 

4. Experiment with Scale

Just because the room is small doesn’t necessarily mean the furniture has to be small. Choose large statement pieces wisely, and then go back in and focus on the smaller decor pieces. 

5. Keep Everything Cohesive 

Since the space is already on the smaller side, ensuring that the room is cohesive is important. Stick to a color palette and make sure all items in the room fit well in the space.