Are you interested in the latest and greatest happenings in Atlanta? What if you could be updated on those happenings every day? These Instagram accounts are more than just a pretty picture; they will transport you into the city. So, if you are new to the city or an Atlanta native ready to explore new options, we are here to help.
Here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you want to constantly be in the know about Atlanta!
Cool Atlanta (@coolatlanta)
If you are not the typical tourist and you are looking to find the sweet places where Atlanta locals hang out, this is the account for you. On top of being so aesthetically pleasing, it also features some of the yummiest and the trendiest places around Atlanta that you do not want to overlook!
Atlanta Trails (@atlantatrails)
If the city gets to be too much for you sometimes, and you’re looking for the freshest air and the highest peaks around Atlanta, you’re going to want to hit “Follow” on the Atlanta Trails account. And even if you are not so much into the outdoors, this account posts the most beautiful photos that you can at least admire from your air conditioned home.
Discover Atlanta (@discoveratlanta)
This account is your one stop shop for all things touristy in Atlanta. From SkyView Atlanta to Piedmont Park to Mercedes Benz Stadium, this account covers just about everything in Atlanta. It is mostly user generated content, so you will get to see Atlanta from a local perspective, and a beautiful perspective as well as most of the photos seem like they could be professionally taken.
ArtsATL (@artsatlanta)
ArtsATL is the perfect source for arts news and reviews in Atlanta. Whether you are wanting to know about the latest exhibits at one of Atlanta’s many museums or you are wondering how a touring composer’s show at The Fox is, you can likely find whatever information you are looking for about the arts on this account!
ATL Bucket List (@atl_bucketlist)
Warning: do not look at this account when hungry. ATL Bucket List posts about more than just the greatest eateries in Atlanta, such as the newest dog parks and hotels, but the food posts are definitely the main attraction. Answering the question “Where do you want to go to dinner?” will get a lot harder with all the choices this account will give you.
Atlanta Magazine (@atlantamagazine)
The Atlanta Magazine Instagram has anything and everything Atlanta. Latest housing developments? Got it. Up and coming artists? Got it. Stories about some of Atlanta’s biggest companies? Got it. The account features a lot of content that can be found in their magazine as well as a lot of user generated content. This is a great account to follow if you want to be able to answer the question “So what’s happening in Atlanta these days?”